Shikha Rastogi


Shikha Rastogi is the main visionary who sparked what we know today as SR Mosaic, her shared belief to bring together people of all cultures has been the driving passion behind all of our initiatives. 

She is an accomplished event planner who is passionate about making a difference in the world. On her first arrival to the United States, she was inspired by the diversity of cultures she saw. 

She is on a mission to create a space where people could express their emotions of belonging and learn about each other through cultural and diverse experiences.

Kavitha Pradeep

Vice President

Kavitha Pradeep is one of those people who will work diligently and tirelessly on every project we have taken up. 

As our vice president, she leads our company through its daily routine and makes sure all our events are well organized and no aspect of project plans remains unanswered.

Kavitha is the reason our company knows its path - she makes sure we are well organized, remain on topic, and ensure everyone is able to follow along. Her avid experience and academic background in maths and computers only add volumes to this organized nature of hers.

Vidya Rajarajan


Vidya Rajarajan is our Secretary and Communications Manager.

Though being a Master's Degree holder in Biotechnology, It's her skills in negotiation, marketing, and verbal branding, that has driven our organization to become a defacto name for any cultural event showcases and community building within our region. 

Her strive to prosper in any task she undertakes, combined with her plethora of knowledge as an analytical and logical thinker has always provided us with a unique perspective during our ideation phases.

Kala Sivakumar


Kala Sivakumar has been part of this journey ever since we first started. 

Having had over 10 years of experience managing accounts and controlling costs for businesses back in India.  She has not only defined our financial pillars but has also handled all our accounting needs for each of our events

She has educated us from time to time on different ways to support ourselves financially and has always been at the forefront of new approaches and innovation around managing ourselves fiscally. Her enthusiasm makes it possible for us to provide each event with well thought logistics.

Leena Dave

Creative Arts & Design Consultant

Leena Dave is one of the most talented artists in this area. Her art causes even the most cold-hearted people to melt.

Leena brings with her an aesthetic mindset, as she makes every event’s elegance factor hike up. Her ability to learn and adapt to new styles and believe in actions than words has proved her mettle consistently over the programs.

 She is also an experienced designer with a focus on decor for interiors, special events, and stage performances. Leena has been teaching art through workshops, art camps, and studio sessions for over 10 years.

Holistic Branding and Creative Execution

Neelesh Rastogi (Neel) is in all aspects our team's tech wiz. He is currently working as Sr. Machine Learning Engineer with Radiology Partners, which is US's largest Radiology Practice.

Having worked on numerous projects globally, he brings on a wide experience around brand voice recognition and creative outlooks when it comes to project execution.

He strongly believes in giving back to the community and aspires for creating a more connected world and a better place by developing assistive toolkits for future technologies.

Megha Rastogi

Editor-in-Chief, Write & Power

Megha Rastogi, simply put, is a voracious writer at heart. She is someone who is able to put emotions on a piece of paper that brings joy to one's heart like each bird's rising melody. 

Megha has a deep affinity for socialism, and active rights leadership and aspires to be in a place to provide impact at a larger scale.  Aside from written ventures, she also withholds the power of public speaking and audience engagement! She has always been our go-to MC for most of our annual and local events. 

Megha has won countless public speaking and debate competitions and is also our Editor-in-Chief for Write and Power newsletter, an initiative she only started under SR Mosaic's Youth Wing!