Middle East

Exploring the Middle East

The links below are presentations, taking a deep dive into the Middle East and everything about it.

Middle East - History and Culture // Middle East - Places to visit

Exploring Monday

Day 1, Week 1

Come explore and dive deep into the rich culture of the Middle East on the Exploring Monday of Quarantine Travel. This week we learn about the Middle East - art, culture, geography, places to visit and much more.

About Middle East

Artsy Tuesday

Day 2, Week 1

Learn and Create with easily available materials 3D pyramid of Egypt, Moroccan Stained glass mosaic art, Make lanterns

Materials needed: Printer papers/construction papers, pencils, eraser, ruler, crayons/color pencils/sharpie markers, scissors, clear plastic sheet, tissue papers etc.

Wandering Wednesday

Day 3, Week 1

Listen to stories on the Wandering Wednesdays with Shikha Rastogi. This week on Wandering Wednesday, we will be featuring stories from the Middle East. Join us for some wonderful and insightful tales.