Greece and Italy

Exploring Greece and Italy

Exploring Monday

Day 1, Week 2

Ciao, Γεια, and hello! Get hyped for the start of week 2 of Quarantine Travel with Greece and Italy!!

About Greece and Italy

History and Culture

Places to Visit

Artsy Tuesday

Day 2, Week 2

Create using easily available materials 3D Leaning tower of Pisa, Paper Pizza, Ancient Greek Vase

Materials needed: Brown Paper/Sandwich bags, Tissue paper roll, Colored construction papers/magazine cutouts, Sharpie/Black marker, Scissor, glue etc.

Wandering Wednesday

Day 3, Week 2

Listen to stories on the Wandering Wednesdays with Shikha Rastogi. 

This week on Wandering Wednesday, come and enjoy the stories from Italy and Greece . We bet you haven't heard these before. Join us for some wonderful and insightful tales.

Flavorful Friday   

Greek Cuisine                    Italian Cuisine