What We Do



Speak Up is a public speaking contest promoting personal growth and development by providing a platform for individuals to showcase their communication skills and share their ideas with the world. 

Our contest aims to create a supportive and engaging environment that helps individuals build their self-confidence and communication abilities. 

Join us to develop your public speaking skills, expand your network, and discover the power of effective communication.


As people living in such a fortunate area, we are incredibly privileged to have all the opportunities that we do. It is only fair that we help others have a better life. 

SR Mosaic will be organizing many different fundraising opportunities to aid those without the number of amenities that we have. 

It is our hope that we will be able to bring together people from all different places to help support one cause.


The Youth Wing at SR Mosaic aims to provide the next generations with valuable experience and responsibility through various opportunities that help them grow as individuals and leaders. 

Through the Youth Committee, teenagers can work towards not only our events but also their own personal growth and development.

They will also have the opportunity to network with peers and community leaders and gain a sense of accomplishment and purpose by contributing to the betterment of our community. 


SR Mosaic is a community-based organization that holds various events throughout the year to celebrate and promote cultural diversity. 

Discover India and Diversity Day are two of their significant events that provide a platform for people from different backgrounds to come together and appreciate each other's cultures.

These events help in fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting inclusivity in the community.