England and France

Exploring England and France

Exploring Monday

Day 1, Week 3

Hello! Get hyped for the start of week 3 of Quarantine Travel with England and France!

About England and France

History and Culture

Places to Visit

Artsy Tuesday

Day 2, Week 3

Create using easily available materials 3D Eiffel Tower, Medieval Crown, Draw a French Poodle

Materials needed: Construction papers(white, yellow, pink, black) or thin cardboards, white printer paper, pencils, markers, crayons, jewels/rhinestones, glue, staples, scissors etc .

Wandering Wednesday

Day 3, Week 3

Listen to stories on the Wandering Wednesdays with Shikha Rastogi. 

Listen to the amazing and mysterious stories @ 4 PM - Macbeth(Shakespeare) and Puss in the boots(French)