Our Team

Executive Board

Shikha Rastogi


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman

Shikha Rastogi is the living, breathing embodiment of this quote. SR Mosaic was her dream, and she was the great dreamer that made this a reality.

Rastogi, when she walked into the States for the first time, noticed sights, smells and sounds she hadn’t ever experienced before. She saw people of all cultures mingling, sharing stories and art. She smelled a mix of Indian food and Italian, a mix of Mexican food and Cuban. She heard songs in what felt like a million different languages, all intertwining, and creating a beautiful melody, one different than all the rest. That is when she knew, she wanted to make that melody ring from every rooftop.

This is the reason she found SR Mosaic, to bring together the different cultures she had seen that very first day. She aims to bring empathy and awareness of all cultures together. Additionally, Rastogi wants to help the world around us. There is much suffering, and it is our job to fix it. The events she will organize under this non-profit will help bring the community together to help a single cause. Rastogi is an accomplished event planner and has no doubt she will be able to pull this off.

So come, dream with her, and fulfill the dreams of many others in the process.

Kavitha Pradeep

Vice President

Kavitha Pradeep has been with this team for a while and has worked diligently on every project we have taken up. As our vice president, she is responsible for leading the company through its daily routine and making sure the company is organized. Kavitha is the reason our company knows its path - she makes sure we are organized, on topic and that we are on the right path. Her background in math and computers contributes to this organized nature of hers. She lives in West Windsor with her husband, two sons, and her pet.

Kala Sivakumar


Kala Sivakumar has been part of this journey ever since it first started in 2012. She handles all accounts for each of our events and is an essential member in making sure each event is pulled off without a hitch. She is the one who manages where our money goes, and how it can be put to use in the best way possible. When we organized our nonprofit events under the first company, Kala was the one who made sure all the donation money was sent to the ones who need it in an efficient, methodical way. Kala has over 10 years of experience managing accounts and controlling costs for businesses back in India. She now lives in Plainsboro with her husband and two daughters.

Vidya Rajarajan


Vidya Rajarajan is someone with an analytical, deciphering mind, causing her to be the best secretary that we could have. She holds an important role of communications manager, as she is the main point of contact for our many vendors. Vidya talks to these vendors proficiently and kindly, causing those vendors to return to our events. Additionally, her logical mindset helps us organize our events in a way that makes the most sense, as well as in a way that will cause the most enjoyment to our attendees. She has a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and has worked as a lecturer in Bangalore. Vidya lives in Plainsboro with her husband, and her son and daughter.


Leena Dave

Creative Arts & Design Consultant

Leena Dave is one of the most talented artists in this area. Her art causes even the most cold-hearted people to melt. She has been helping this team with the artistic factor ever since the beginning. Leena brings with her an aesthetic rivaled by no one, as she makes every event’s elegance factor hike up. Her ability to learn and adapting to new styles and believing in actions than words has proved her mettle consistently over the programs. Leena is also experienced in design and decor for interiors, special events, and stage performances. Leena has been teaching art through workshops, art camps, and studio sessions for over 10 years. She has won several regional and national awards in art competitions in India and currently resides a happy family of her husband, son and a daughter in Plainsboro.

Holistic Branding, Web Design & Application Development

Got a app idea, visual branding, advertising or web design issue? No worries, he got you. Neel in all aspects is our team's tech wiz. He is currently working as an AI Engineer with a startup based in NYC, but he has also played many influential roles in the past such as, a published researcher for AI in Robotics and Healthcare Systems, a Software Developer for a Navy based startup in India, a primary organizer for talk events like TEDx and a proactive advocate of ethics in AI as a presenter & club leader at his university. As you may have guessed already, he does hold an keen eye for future technologies and it's effects, but apart from tech he also loves Painting and occasional Hiking. He strongly believes in giving back to the community and aspires for creating a more connected world as a better place by developing assistive toolkits for future technologies.

Youth Wing

Megha Rastogi


Megha Rastogi is, simply put, a writer. She is someone who is able to put emotions on a piece of paper like paint on a canvas. She is a high schooler at High School North, who has also studied under the guidance of an academic director at Princeton University. Megha has a deep affinity for the art of writing, especially in the field of journalism. In addition to her ability to write, she is a passionate public speaker. She was the MC at Discover India 2018, as well as at Bazaar 2017. Megha has won countless public speaking and debate competitions. She aims to study journalism at NYU, and after that, go to law school.

Megha Rastogi is also the Editor-in-Chief of Write and Power, the newsletter running under SR Mosaic.