Being stuck at home is absolutely no fun. 😞

Many of us had vacations that were canceled, plans to travel the world, and see and learn new things. However, we’re stuck here in quarantine. SR Mosaic wants to change that whole mindset. What if we told you that we could bring your travels right to your house?

Presenting SR Mosaic Inc.’s new initiative, “Quarantine Travel”. 🎉

Right now, more than ever, we need to show that, honestly, it’s a small world, and we’re all in this together. What better way to do it than to learn about the rich culture, food, and art about regions all over the world?

The regions being covered:

Middle East // Greece and Italy // England and France // India // China // Australia

Central and South America // Mexico // Canada // USA

What's our plan?

For the next 10 weeks, we will be highlighting a separate region and hosting activities related to them. We want to encourage everyone to share their own travel stories, and share pictures and videos of them doing the activities listed below.

Exploring Monday

Discover travel stories from around the world

Artsy Tuesday

Art & craft from around the world by Leena Dave

Wandering Wednesday

Stories of the world by Shikha Rastogi

Thoughtful Thursday

Story prompts/ share your work

Fun Friday

Cuisine from around the world

Weekend Wonders

Talent Showcase (Dress up/ World cuisine / Music)

We will follow this schedule for the next ten weeks, perfectly curated for a time of fun, excitement, and laughter.

Making our Quarantine exciting!