Programs & Initiatives


BLAZE Literary and Art Fest

A Literary and Arts Fest - The arts have been an integral part of every culture all over the world since the dawn of time. Additionally, every civilization, once it evolved, used literature and the spoken language to preserve their traditions. They used performing arts and theater to appreciate their stories. To celebrate this fact, we are hosting a Literary and Arts Fest for all people from every walk of life to enjoy the rich literature and arts from every corner of the Earth.

Fundraising Events

As people living in such a fortunate area, we are incredibly privileged to have all the opportunities that we do. It is only fair that we help others have a better life. SR Mosaic will be organizing many different fundraising opportunities to aid those without the amount of amenities that we have. It is our hope that we will be able to bring together people from all different places to help support the one cause.


What better way to spread culture than through food? They say the best way to get into a person’s heart is through their stomach. So, to make a place for different traditions in the hearts of the community, we are organizing a cook-off for people of all ages to participate in and to cook their hearts out in.


All of us in this team are parents, so we know what it’s like to raise a child who doesn’t see color, or race, or ethnicity. We also know what it’s like to make sure these children stay this way, with an open mind and an open heart. To make sure we have adults who think like this, we must start young in our teaching. SR Mosaic will hold workshops to encourage global citizenship, and empathy towards all. Once we start young, the next generation will already be on it’s way to becoming more and more accepting.

Global Village

Technological and architectural advancements have been incredibly helpful to society, bringing us phones, malls, laptops, and more. However, it has also brought us away from our past - with open markets, trading, dancing and singing in the starry night sky. To bring this back, Global Village celebrates the food, arts & crafts, vendors and performances from around the world. This event is an opportunity for the vendors, business specializing in ethnic goods or services to display themselves in front of a vast audience. The event shall be filled with fun kids games, music, dances, fashion shows with ethnic clothes, international food stalls and art event displaying the various art forms.

Youth Committee

Our youth is our future, and so giving them all the opportunities that they can get to gain experience and responsibility is one of our biggest goals here at SR Mosaic. To accomplish this we have started a Youth Committee, in which the teenagers of our community will work towards not only our events, but towards opportunities of their own. Come join our youth committee.


Speak Up

Speak Up is one of the initiative by Instructor Shikha Rastogi. It is a hands-on course on presentation skills allowing the student to become more comfortable with the public speaking experience. This program will help them to speak correctly and effectively and enhance their critical thinking. In addition, the course shall also focus on the voice modulation, tone and pitch including Poem Recitation, Story Telling (different moods), Extempore, Debates and much more.


Competitions & Championships

SR Mosaic will be holding many opportunities for children as well as adults to showcase their abilities in a series of Competitions and Championships. We will be hosting these contests with a variety of options for people to participate in - technology, art, music, performing arts, and so much more.