Discover India 2011-2020

Discover India 2021

Discover India 2021 has recently concluded on September 12th, 2021, at Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey. This was the 10th Discover India event since its inception in 2008. Discover India 2021 saw a great and varied audience of over 600 people in a small timeframe of 3 hours and entertained everyone through music, dance, and colorful display.

Discover India is a program conducted by SR Mosaic Inc., a 501 c(3) organization that aims to develop community awareness through the methods of education and cultural events highlighting arts, music, and dance. SR Mosaic, led by Shikha Rastogi, is an all-women-led organization and has conducted multiple other events like Bazaar, Speak Up, and Blaze. They take pride in developing a community program while involving every element of the community and serving the community through the values of hard work and integrity.

This year, Discover India was beautifully decorated with bright colors and saw an even brighter community involvement in different projects. Discover India 2021 flaunted a community project entitled “Mosaic of India”, a wall of painted canvases, hand-painted by over 60 members of the South Asian community in the Central NJ region. All the different canvases depicted a different piece of Indian artwork. When the canvases were put together, they formed a 9 ft tall map of India.

The theme of this year’s event was the cultures of the different regions of India. To the same tune, the team had prepared mannequins dressed in regional attires, who were then placed along the different tree trunks all over Palmer Square. The team also arranged kids' activity booths to decorate masks and bookmarks with Indian art. The audience was especially interested in the henna booth where an artist applied henna tattoos.

Adding to the attractions, there were two major photo ops strategically placed for Discover India – a rikshaw (manual tricycle used as a mode of transport) and a baithak (cots laid out as chairs flanked with colorful backdrop and drink ware). The two pieces of decoration were brightly decorated and pulled many passersby to take pictures.

The artifacts booth and the arts gallery have been an integral part of Discover India for many years. But this year, the enthusiasm and community involvement took it a different level. The art booth displayed art from some of them most talented artists in the area, who graciously offered their art for display. The artifacts booth was overflowing with different pieces of work from all over the country. There was an amazing display of tribal artwork in the forms of sculptures and handwoven clothing and fine embroidery work pieces from various other parts of the country.

The event was also attended by eminent guests, such as Mark Freda, mayor of Princeton, and Neil J. Lewis, deputy mayor of Plainsboro. Mr. Freda unveiled the “Mosaic of India” display and commented that it was the largest crowd he had ever seen in Princeton. Mr Lewis congratulated the SR Mosaic team, especially Shikha Rastogi for her contribution to the community in Plainsboro.

Discover India 2021 and SR Mosaic would like to thank “Royal Vivaah creations", a decoration business in South Brunswick, NJ, for generously sponsoring the decorations for Discover India. Their sponsorship made it possible for the Discover India to put up a great show and delight the people of Princeton.

SR Mosaic would also like to thank the participants, as a program is only as good as the performances, and these performances were world class.

Discover India 2018

SR Mosaic is very proud that we presented the most unique and mesmerizing broad way like concert called DISCOVER INDIA on October 7th, 2018 at the Patriots Theater at the war memorial, NJ!! The lights are off. The camera has been put away. All that’s left is to bow and make a graceful exit. Discover India 2018 has been a rollercoaster of emotions that all climaxed to one amazing, wonderful ending - October 7th, 2018 at the Patriots Theater at the war memorial, NJ.

The energy of the local performers had me feeling euphoric, the food was incredible, and our two showstoppers were amazing. Our local performers had the energy, grace, and performances of any international group. They were magnificent, and I’m proud to say that many of them are my friends. Our vendors were so hardworking, actively laboring the whole show. Their objects were beautiful, and they were so sweet. Amaravati’s cuisine was delectable and a perfect pre-show meal. Chitra Ramaswamy Bharatnatyam rendition of The Lion King was creative and incredibly well done. It was unique, and people were raving about it afterward.

Viva Kultura's show held everyone captive in their fist - there were tears in that audience, laughter, and everyone walked away educated, and their spirits were risen. The performances by our artists and their troops - Punam Panchal, Shivani Badgi, Arindam Chakraborty, Rizwana Safiya, Trupti Kotian, Shreya were mesmerizing. The Kalakriti and hastkala led by Leena Dave had more than 50 beautiful art pieces. All the artists who participated were amazing. This show would not have been possible without the people that stood and worked beside me all those late hours, the people that dealt with all of my last-minute ideas and plans. These people were my backbone and support system. Thank you. Thank you also to those people who came to Discover India 2018 and enjoyed it fully. Stay in tune for updates on future events!

Discover India 2017 - Celebration of Nari Shakti

Discover India / India Independence Day- 2015

Discover India – 2015 program was organized on September 12th, 2015 at the WW-P High School North The program was conceptualized, convened and organized under the supervision of Shikha Rastogi. Shikha is a prominent program coordinator and is actively working towards community development in Plainsboro. She also serves as the chair on the Plainsboro Human Relations Council. In its 2nd year, the Discover India program celebrated the rich Indian culture and its values. The program entertained and educated kids and others about the diverse cultures and yet the unity in the Indian values. This event was earlier envisioned to mark the Indian Independence Day as a showcase to the rich cultural heritage embedded in the fabric of the Indian society.

The Discover India 2015 event was packed with entertaining programs ranging from folk dances to classical vocal singing. The main feature for this year’s event was the drama on the Indian history. The drama depicted various events from the history in a meaningful way to arouse curiosity in the minds of the kids. The event also featured programs that are gaining popularity in the local culture. Indus American Bank in Plainsboro was the grand sponsor for the event. The other sponsors for the event were – North American Telugu Association (NATA), SVK Systems, Crown of India, Patel Brothers, Mcafferys, Chocolate Works, Champion Martial Arts, Lightbridge Academy, New york Life, Plainsboro Wine & Liquor, Hindi USA and Talent Development. The event was attended by over 1200 participants from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Amongst the notable attendees of the program were Senator Linda Greenstein, Mayor Peter Cantu, Dy Mayor Neil Lewis, Committee person Nuran Nabi, Committee person David Bandner and Lions Club past district governor Mahesh Chitnis. Plainsboro has a good mix of population diversity. However, for the last few years, it has been a magnet for the Indian community looking for a safer township and a good school district.

Shikha believes in the ideology of keeping the children in touch with their heritage. Her aim is to educate the kids and help them become a better citizen of the global world. With the way the technology is growing and the rate at which the cultures are at a confluence, the kids of tomorrow shall have a global culture. In such a scenario, such programs are important to realize them of their identity through the values imparted from the background they come from. Shikha has developed a great team of people who performed their best to make this program a success. Shikha’s team comprises of the immense talent, hard work and enthusiasm in the ladies of Plainsboro. She is a firm believer in the fact that a community is built and strengthened through the upliftment of the women in the society.

Discover India / India Independence Day- 2014

Discover India – 2014 program was organized on August 16th, 2014 at the Plainsboro Recreation & Cultural Center with support from Plainsboro’s Indian Community and Human Relations Council of Plainsboro. The program was conceptualized, convened and organized under the supervision of Shikha Rastogi. The program was organized to reflect Indian traditions with booths displaying cultures and regional items from different states of India. At the center of all this was the performances on the stage where little kids and their moms performed on regional folk dances and tunes. A skit was also performed to showcase different festivals and rituals of Indian people. Shikha greeted everybody on the occasion of 68th Indian Independence Day on august 15th. The central idea of this program was to inculcate values and cultures of India into our community and help them associate a name to their identity. The program was opened by Mr Nuran Nabi, Committee person, Plainsboro and the participants were excited with the presence of the Mayor Mr. Peter Cantu and the Dy. Mayor Mr. Neil Lewis. All the dignitaries were gracious enough to take time off from their busy schedule and posed with the people for many pictures. Please find some of the pictures from the event below.

Discover India / India Independence Day - 2013

Shikha organized the celebration for the 65th Indian Independence Day in Plainsboro NJ. This was the largest program of its kind ever witnessed in the central NJ. Shikha visualized this program and executed along with the dignitaries from the Plainsboro administration. The program was attended by the Mayor and Dy Mayor of Plainsboro. There were more than 200 attendees for this program.

Discover India / India Independence Day - 2011

Indian Independence Day as celebrated in Plainsboro NJ. Shikha organized the whole event wherein more than 150 people participated. Kids performed skits, dances, songs and fancy dress displaying variety of Indian culture.